Episode 36: Got Stuck is a mildly wacky episode about the poems that have gotten stuck in our heads through the years, the ones haunting us, such as David Baker's "Haunts," and William Stafford's "Traveling Through the Dark." Also some bad jokes, as usual.

Episode 35: Dog Dog reveals a post-it note poem to a magnificent dog of yesteryear. Dog jokes and stories ensue.

Episode 34: The Stray reveals a poem written and posted in the old museum's secret corner, where snakes and mice lived and so did things that made this writer question "the mirror of my very soul." Not to worry: There are some bad jokes in there, too

Episode 33: Tin Roof explores two wonderful impromptu poems written in the museum recently that celebrate ROMP’s 10th anniversary and the gift of TIN. Tin! Tin! Ten!

Episode 32: I Try was taped at the beginning of June, Pride Month, and explores a beautiful poem recently left in the museum that ponders the question of a woman's duty to the women she loves. 

Episode 31: Where is Peggy? is our first True Crime/Poetry podcast, although a crime may or may not be involved. What happened to the museum’s Peggy the Personification Pig, ambassador to the world on all things personification? She has been missing since 2014. Help us bring her home.

Episode 30: Pepper Martin highlights a 1930’s major league baseball sensation Pepper Martin, whom we learned about from a poem by Glenpool poet Gordon Bryan. Play ball! And poetry! And baseball haiku!

Episode 29: You are Bare describes a poem with bare bones imagery that asks you to bone up on your knowledge of things that are close to the bone. Sorry, but those are the bare facts, folks.

Episode 28: Serve Darkness takes a black out poem created atop a 19th century lament about the moral state of education but doesn't ask that you, too, "serve darkness."

Episode 27: Dissected Words delves into the depths of spaces where words do or do not go and the effect their absence or presence has on us . . . plus, we practice several weak jokes, of course.

Wacky Poem Life
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